Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 22: Studs

We are nearing the end of the month and therefore the end of my nail art challenge. Todays prompt is 'studs'. I was slightly apprehensive about this prompt as I am very inexperienced at using studs in nail art. Although there is a prompt later on in the challenge is 're-creation' I have kind of done another recreation in this post. 

I did a similar nail art design around this time last year, when I got my Nails Inc leather effect polish for Christmas. As you can tell, I was VERY new at studs at this point, as the studs are all wonky and not very neat at all. The pictures I used on my blog back in the day were also horrendous quality, and I don't think this picture gave the leather effect the justice it deserves.

I have used exactly the same materials in this post as I did back then so check the full post here!

I have done two variations on these studded nails as I couldn't decide on which stud to use. My sqaure silver studs or my round gold ones. Originally I thought the silver ones would be best but I thought the would be a bit boring by themselves. I drew on some silver lines and triangles to add a bit of interest but feel the silver stud got a bit lost in the design! You can see however that you can paint on top of the leather effect polish and get a cool effect. 

 The other stud design I did is a bit simpler, but I think I actually prefer it. The gold studs really pop against the black leather polish, and it has an understated look that I like.

Keep watching for the last few posts of my nail art challenge!