Friday, 31 January 2014


For January 2014, I kickstarted the year by ditching the drink in aid of Cancer Research UK. Just before Christmas a family member of mine was diagnosed with Cancer, but thankfully it was caught early and has since been operated on. My family was very lucky but others are not. I decided to raise money for the charity, by taking part in the dryathlon event Cancer Research set up. My birthday was this month so celebrated it sober even though I was surrounded by tempting champagne and cocktails! I am by no means an alcoholic, but I did find it a struggle, particularly when going out to the pub with friends, or going out for dinner.

I have now finished my dryathlon though, and will be celebrating my birthday this weekend and will no doubt have the hangover from hell on Sunday. I managed to reach my target of £150 but would still love any donations big or small. A lot of my friends and family have donated but I thought I could use my blog to my advantage as it reaches such a huge audience now a days. 

I would hugely appreciate any donations, and although some people who read my blog may not personally know me, Cancer affects 1 in 3 people which is such a scary statistic. By donating to my cause you could help someone in the future that you may know. I never thought Cancer would affect my family, but sadly it did. It is not a disease to underestimate! The link to my just giving page is in the link below, and is a safe and secure way to donate, I do not pocket any of the money I swear!

Please help me put money towards a cure for Cancer! Thank you for reading! I know this is not my usual kind of blog post, but I have done some Cancer Research UK inspired nail art to make it relevant :)