Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 31: Silver

  Were finished! The Nail Art Jan Challenge is finished! I will miss doing it so much! It has been so much fun coming up with ideas for each day and the prompts have made me explore so many different nail art ideas. 

So the last prompt is 'Silver'. I must admit that the idea for this nail art was not my own, it was in fact my boyfriends. He suggested doing metal floor patterns, the type that you see in warehouses or more industrial places. This look was much harder than I anticipated and after playing around with lots of patterns I found the pattern that was most effective was this sort of cross hatch design. 

I think it looks quite 3D on the nail which is not what I was expecting. I must also add that these are not my nails. My sister has stepped in as my nail model because having polish on my nails solidly for the last month has left them a little worse for wear and I think they need a little break.

Please suggest any nail art you would like to see! I love getting fresh ideas