Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lorde Eye Makeup

Lorde is an up and coming artist for 2014, with her single 'Royals' already storming the charts. I got her album for Christmas and I love her voice and music. Hearing her voice, as well as seeing how stunningly beautiful she is, its safe to say I have a pretty big girl crush on her. I first saw the video to 'Royals' a few days ago and was instantly captivated by the eye makeup she is wearing in some scenes.

I have recreated the look the best I can and think it is a really cool alternative to the usual cat eye flick. 

I started by using concealer on my eye area, and using powder to set everything so it was dry. With an eyeliner brush, and using the black eye shadow from my Benefit Smokey Eyes set, I drew a thick line from the outer eye.

I then used a bigger brush, and filled in a triangle from the base of my top lash to form a thicker flick.

Using the same brush, I dragged the shadow from the top of the flick, into the crease of my eye which is created when I open my eye.

To clean up the edges and make it really sharp, I used an eyeliner pen to trace around the triangle. I find these pens are perfect for precision.

Using powder and a concealer brush, I cleaned up the edges and created a more obvious colour contrast between black and white on the eye lid.

I love how this looks like a normal flick from the outer eye at first. But when the eye is shut or blinking, it adds a bit more interest to the eye. I could probably afford to go further into the eye crease, but as Lorde is in a music video, I think this slightly more subtle option would be appropriate for normal day to day wear.

Here is the song if you haven't heard it already